“a musical soul-cleanse” – Grayowl Point

“intimate and mysterious…excels in its quiet strength and restrained beauty.” – CBC

"Find the Others may take its name from a Timothy Leary reference, but the band's new record isn't tripped-out psychedelia. No, Empire of Time is lush and bright, like one of those amazingly clear nights where the sky is bottomless and dark, but also vibrant and alive with galaxies of stars. It's the sound of getting lost in space, floating above the Earth, suspended and safe, buoyed by some kind of magic." – CBC Music

“mindblowing.” – baby sue

"Unleash the first song 'We Stared At The World.' The resulting payoff is one that I would seriously consider one of the best I have heard in my time writing for publications, and perhaps in my time spent listening to records in general." - Replicant Ears Magazine

“…Find The Others reaches far across the landscapes of the Icelandic tundra with their latest album, making Empire of Time a sonic experience for the mind, body and soul.” – Dusty Organ

"The vocal is wonderful and unusual and no other performance would suit this song. Occasionally, it drifts effortlessly into the falsetto range and it is quite the stellar performance." - Up To Hear Music

“a coherent aural identity.” – New Canadian Music

“Soyez patient, laissez-vous prendre dans les filets fragiles et fous du musicien.” – Le Devoir

“comme le lever du soleil sur un océan couvert de glace.” – BRBR

“magical” – Manchester FM

“dreamy, beautiful” – Laurie Brown, Pondercast

"Focused and enthralling, Find The Others take chamber-pop arrangements, delicate vocals, found sound and other quelling quirks and turn it all into one of Canada’s most spellbinding live shows." - Halifax Pop Explosion